About Dr. Noemi

Meet Dr. Noemi

Dr. Noemi is a long-time educator and active member of the community of Riverside.

Dr. Noemi is an educator and a mom to children currently attending RUSD schools.

She is a college professor at a local university, where she teaches Political Science and Public Administration. The favorite part of her job is being a mentor to young adults. She also serves with several non-profit and community organizations dedicated to serving greater Riverside.

She is married to her friend and partner, Dex Alexander, the founder, and CEO of Black Roses, a brand strategy firm in Riverside. They are the doting parents of two kids who are currently thriving in RUSD schools. As a family they like to play soccer, hike, go to the movies, and spend quality time with one another. She was raised in Riverside County by immigrant parents who raised her to love her neighbors, serve others, be compassionate, be fair, and work hard.

Dr. Noemi attended public schools in Riverside County and is a first-generation college graduate. She holds a degree in Social Work, a Masters in Public Administration and Policy, and a Ph.D. in Political Science. In her professional life, she is a researcher, writer, teacher, mentor, and public speaker.
She attends and volunteers at a church in Orangecrest. She partners with organizations dedicated to Middle and High School students. She is a Spanish language translator for an organization that serves survivors of human trafficking. She also serves alongside community leaders that exist to make the city of Riverside a more inclusive, equitable, and livable place for all.

She desires to extend her life of service into public service as a Riverside Unified School Board Member. She will spend the next few months listening to the educators, families, students, and constituents of Trustee Area 1: Orangecrest, parts of Woodcrest, Mission Grove, Canyon Crest, Victoria Woods, and surrounding neighborhoods.